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Defying Gravity by sadieB798
Defying Gravity
I did a little doodle a while ago of me as Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service riding a broom, and remembered that if anything that movie made me want to become an artist (like her friend--the one who lived out in the woods and drew crows). I thought that that was still such a great picture and decided to reinterpret it in PS, and instead of a broom use a paintbrush. The phrase comes from the song in "Wicked"--a song that my dad has told me that it reminds him of me. (If that's not a compliment, I have no idea what is!)
I did this mostly because I was feeling down about myself, and sometimes you just need to draw yourself in an encouraging setting, you know?
Self Portrait by sadieB798
Self Portrait
This was done a few months back for school. The assignment was to create a self portrait of yourself, but assigning a project like this to someone who draws herself goofy and silly was a really difficult thing because I didn't see myself as the serious person and had such a tough time with this. In the end I settled on a picture of myself looking thoughtful. Overall I'd say it came out good, even though it was SUPER TOUGH and took FOREVERRRRRR to do!
The Picnic by sadieB798
The Picnic
An old sketch I did of Jareth and Sarah. I'm not gonna lie and say this isn't what the events in the comic led up to, but the way they got here was a close thing. If memory serves, this was the idea I had that inspired the comic. I was still a noob at photoshop at the time five years ago, and did this sketch as a way to practice. Then something else sprouted instead. If anyone wants to take a stab at coloring this, you're more than welcome. All I ask is credit for the image, permission, and a link to the final product.
Preggers Sketches by sadieB798
Preggers Sketches
Sketches from--wow, three years ago now? Time sure does fly. These were for an idea I had about how the comic would go. This one in particular was for how Sesshomaru discovered Kagome's pregnancy. I figure since I (obviously) haven't updated in a while, I owe you guys this much. Maybe I'll dig up my old sketches of these two and share them all with you, who knows.
Cinderella ballgown-Maya by sadieB798
Cinderella ballgown-Maya
This was one of the early drawings of Cindy's dress that Maya and I went over together (she drew this one out). We both agreed there had to be blues and purples and a butterfly at the hip


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Sarah Rodriguez
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United States
I'm just a simple girl trying to find her place in the world--and just happen to see my and other people's characters running around amok and causing utter CHAOS. :| Yeah, it's your normal day around here

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sadieB798 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh my gosh you're so welcome! I've been a fan of your stuff on tumblr unknowingly for so long, and then I found Patrik, and then that led me to you! :D
I absolutely love the playfulness you bring to your characters and they're so cute and unique, even the ones without names have my heart! Thank you so much for sharing them with us! :)
breebird Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
Oh wow, really?! Well, now you found me! Hello!!!
Awww . . . You're too sweet. I'm happy you like them, even the un-named ones (I'm seriously terrible at naming characters, will develop full stories around, but names . . . ummmm *shrug*) 
sadieB798 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student General Artist
That is so strange, because I have the exact opposite problem! I'll create characters and give them names, but when it comes time for a story, I am TERRIBLE at coming up with the right one to fit them in to! Aw thank you for saying that! Hello yourself, and you're absolutely welcome! :)
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